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We upgrade and repair existing computer systems even if we did not build or sell them (i.e. Dell, HP, Apple, etc.)

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Hardware and Software Support

Securityplus has long standing relationships with some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the industry. We are official partners of HP, IBM and Dell, meaning we are able to offer the world’s latest computer technology and support, whilst also catering for bespoke or industry specific hardware requirements. We offer continued support through our helpdesk and onsite engineers, as well as repairs for your hardware. We are able to advise you on your software and hardware requirements and manage your IT refresh, initial installations or simply provide you with ongoing support.

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We want all our clients’ networks to be reliable and to run smoothly. To accomplish this, we provide exclusive hardware based on your organization’s individual needs. We recognize that substandard hardware often creates problems. We deliver high-end computers, parts, and components so that you can have maximum peace of mind. This brings the most value and satisfaction to our clients.


We offer full PC checks and repairs, removing unwanted files and reorganising data so that your computers run as efficiently as possible. We can cater for all of your hardware needs, from servers and printers, to scanners, networking components and custom build PCs. We are an official partner of HP, IBM and Dell lamongst many morel, so you can be confident that we are delivering the most professional advice and equipment there is to offer.


We provide full desktop software solutions, covering all types of software from Adobe to Office. Our PC Check can also ensure that your computer has all of the available updates and security patches. We are also able to provide official Downgrade Rights if you don’t require the latest version. This means that if you are not ready to begin using the latest incarnations of Windows, you can continue to run a familiar operating system until you tell us otherwise. As Sage Partners, we can also give you the full solution to your Sage requirements, such as selecting the right product for you, installation and continued support.

Responsive and Innovative hardware and software support

As your end-to-end IT provider, Securityplus offers responsive and innovative hardware and software support. Whether you need updated application software or remote and onsite server management, we have the technical tools to meet your needs.  We also have long-term partnerships with a number of industry-leading hardware and software providers, so you can access state-of-the-art products from Microsoft, Dell EMC, Cisco, and many more.

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